Aquaman Sequel Talks Are Already Happening At Warner Bros.


Though James Wan’s Aquaman is still a couple of weeks away from arriving in North American cinemas, the signs are so far pointing to success, and it seems that Warner Bros. is reading the room and already beginning talks on a sequel.

This update comes via THR’s new piece on actress Amber Heard, which brings up the alleged sequel discussions almost in passing:

“According to strong early tracking, the film is expected to earn an impressive $65 million in its domestic debut and top Mary Poppins Returns and Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. That number gave Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich enough confidence to begin talks on a sequel (though no writer has been commissioned yet).”

Of course, as Cyborg actor Ray Fisher could probably tell you, talks of a sequel are no guarantee of a sequel happening, and just as the underwhelming box office returns of Justice League look to have jeopardized a project or two, there’s always the possibility that Arthur Curry’s solo debut just won’t make the numbers to warrant a follow-up.

As it stands, however, this counted chicken looks like it could well hatch, with Aquaman tracking for a $60 million opening in China this week. After that, the film’s expected to make a killing once more in North America, with one recent report indicating that the flick could take in a total of $100 million domestically over the course of the full five-day holiday weekend. Based on the early buzz, Aquaman could also end up being that rare case of a DCEU flick that plays well with fans and critics alike, with several early viewers going as far as to praise Wan’s movie as the cinematic universe’s best offering to date.

Star Jason Momoa, meanwhile, seems more than game to return, reaffirming his commitment to the saga in an interview just a couple of days ago. The actor even claimed earlier this year that he’s started pitching ideas for the sequel, and while there’s always a chance that his suggestions are premature, things are certainly looking good for Aquaman as the film heads for theaters on December 21st.