Jason Momoa Says He’ll Absolutely Return As Aquaman


In a time where almost no major blockbuster can reach cinemas without carrying some sequel potential, you’d think it was a given that the various stars of the DCEU would be game for further films, and yet both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck look like they could well have already ended their respective runs in the franchise. But while the Superman and Batman actors may have left the saga surprisingly early, Aquaman star Jason Momoa seems happy to stick around for at least one more screen outing.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Momoa recalled various discomforts on the set of Arthur Curry’s solo debut, from the cold weather to his extensive periods spent in the harness, before assuring us that he’d do it all again if Warner Bros. asked him to, saying:

“It is absolutely no pain compared to what pain really is, so absolutely I’ll be going through it again.”

This enthusiasm for a follow-up shouldn’t come as too great a shock seeing how Momoa mentioned back in October that he’s already pitched ideas to Warner for how Aquaman 2 could open.

Of course, whether or not the actor will get his sequel all depends on how the first film fares in the coming weeks, with the movie mere days away from making its all-important China release. So far, however, the buzz has been promising, with several early viewers taking to social media to praise Aquaman as the DCEU’s best offering to date.

Meanwhile, the box office projections haven’t been too shabby either, implying that Momoa’s counted chickens may hatch after all. Still, we’ll have to wait and see if audiences are as keen for another round as he is when the film hits theaters later this month, on December 21st.