Aquaman Expected To Open Huge In China


Though we still have a couple of weeks to go before Aquaman arrives on North American shores, Chinese audiences will be able to see Arthur Curry’s solo debut in theaters as soon as this Friday, and so far, the signs are pointing to success.

Gavin Feng has lately been keeping us up to date on the buzz around James Wan’s upcoming flick in the China region, and earlier today, he took to Twitter once more to relay some promising projections for Aquaman’s opening weekend:

“China Box Office Preview: Aquaman is projected to make $60M-plus on 3-day opening. It is higher than any other DC films but BvS($57M opening) in advance ticket sale. With those crazy early reactions, it has a big chance to be the highest-grossing DC title ever in China.”

Those “crazy early reactions” that Feng refers to here include a wave of glowing reviews that emerged on social media last month, and those early Chinese viewers are far from unique in lavishing praise on Warner’s upcoming release. Western fans and critics have proven similarly enthusiastic, with several social media responders going as far as to name Aquaman the DCEU’s best offering to date.

North American box office projections haven’t been too shabby either, with a new Deadline report alleging that the film will be taking in $65 million domestically in its first three days, and around $100 million total over the course of the full five-day holiday weekend. Not bad considering the commercial disappointment that was last year’s Justice League. Indeed, while the future looks uncertain for several of the ensemble actioner’s stars, there could well be further life in the Arthur Curry saga yet, and if Jason Momoa’s recent statements are anything to go by, then the actor would be more than happy to stick around for sequels.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s find out if Aquaman can deliver on the hype when the film hits North American theaters on December 21st.