Aquaman Villain Reportedly Identified


Come 2018, Jason Momoa’s King of the Seven will be locking horns with one of his greatest foes in James Wan’s standalone Aquaman movie, according to a new report by TheWrap.

It’s a villain that has been rumored numerous times before, but keep in mind that Warner Bros. declined to issue a comment at the time of writing. We’ve included the identity of said big bad after the jump though, just in case it turns out to be a spoiler.


Still with us? If TheWrap’s report is on point, Momoa’s Arthur Curry will have to contend with Black Manta, a villain that is widely considered to be archenemy to Aquaman. First introduced back in ’67, Black Manta has a long history with DC’s King of the Seven, and even served time in Belle Reve, home to the infamous Suicide Squad.

Beyond rumors and heresy, James Wan spoke recently about channelling his own horror pedigree when taking the reins on the 2018 spinoff.

“Fuckin’ Aquaman, what can I say,” as James Wan perfectly put it on the Hall H stage today. Wan was pumped to take on the film because “he’s never been portrayed in the feature movie world before.” The filmmaker went on, “The opportunity to explore this universe and bring a bit of my horror element to this, the deep sea, the scary world, and of course the wondrous world of Atlantis.”

With Gangster Squad‘s Will Beall back on board as the sole Aquaman screenwriter, look for James Wan’s spinoff to make its mighty debut on July 27, 2018. Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe also star as Aquaman’s mate, Mera, and advisor, Vulko, respectively.

Source: TheWrap