Has Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Kickstarted A DC-Marvel War?


The two comic book behemoths, Marvel and DC, have been in direct competition for years. The endless column inches and blog posts dedicated to their chequered history is simply too prolific to annotate here, so let’s just put it this way – there’s a rivalry. Most of the time it bubbles away between writers, artists, creators while the comic book fan community are oblivious, too entrenched in their own battles against opponents of their chosen publisher.

In light of both institutions transforming their properties into two separate cinematic universes, those decades-old disputes appear to have also made the leap. One of the stars of DC’s forthcoming series of films recently attended Indiana Comic-Con – and decided that event would be the perfect place to incite comic war.

Jason Momoa, who was recently unveiled in his full Aquaman garb on Zack Snyder’s Twitter, was asked by a fan to sign the poster. In addition to simply wanting his signature scrawl, the fan asked the actor to write down why all the DC haters should join the universe. Momoa took this as his cue, and duly responded with a two-word assault on DC’s main rival (via CBM):


With both studios barreling down on some heavily-packed slates, who will emerge the victor? Sound off below!