Are You Excited For Jackass 3D? You Should Be

If you’re not excited for Jackass 3D, well…firstly is there anyone who’s not excited? The first two films offered consistent laughs and were wildly entertaining. Perhaps they were too extreme for some but if you were able to make it to the end, you wouldn’t be disappointed. When a third Jackass film was announced I was extremely happy. Add in the fact that we now get to see the crew perform their outrageous stunts in 3D and it looks like the film could be a hit.

A recent screening for the cast and crew was held and a couple people who were in attendance have tweeted their reaction to the film. /Film has put together a list of some of the tweets and they’re all fairly positive. I’m really looking forward to seeing this, especially in 3D. With an October 15th release date, expect to hear/see more about the film in the near future.

Check out the tweets below.

Paul Scheer: Just saw JACKASS 3D it has everything u never wanted to see in 3D & things you can’t even imagine. I mean that in the best possible way

Jon Daly: Jackass 3-D Tonight. Amazing and unbelievable. It makes you feel every human emotion- elation, anger, sadness, happiness, and fear. Hilarious.

Rick Thorne (Black on Black): Just got back from the cast and crew screening of Jackass 3D sick fucking movie I love the Jackass crew.

Matt Meyerson: Jackass 3D was so funny my head hurts from laughing