Armie Hammer Reiterates That He’d Jump At The Batman Role


With Ben Affleck confirming he won’t star in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Bat-fans are eagerly awaiting the reveal of who Warner Bros. will choose to be the next Dark Knight. One of the most talked-about favorites for the role is Armie Hammer, who’s valiantly put up with being asked if he’s going to takeover the Batcave again and again and again for a while now.

The latest example of the actor being faced with the question comes from USA Today. When asked if he would want to play Batman if given the chance, Hammer reiterated that he definitely would, but the fact is that he hasn’t been linked to the part in any official capacity yet.

“Yeah, that’s the problem: I’ve never been approached, but if I was, I would jump at the opportunity. You can only say “no” or “yes” to projects you’re offered.”

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Hammer would love to play Batman. He was already hired for the job a decade ago, after all. Seeing as George Miller’s fabled Justice League Mortal movie never materialized, though, audiences never got to see his take on Bruce Wayne. It would be fitting, then, if he finally got the chance to give us his Batman all these years later.

But first, like the actor says, he’d actually need to be contacted by the studio. Reeves recently revealed that he’s looking to start shooting this December, so it’s possible that the lead role is still up in the air enough for Hammer to be in with a chance, even if he hasn’t auditioned yet. That said, the 32-year old actor may be just a smidgen too old to fit Reeves’ aims to depict a Caped Crusader still in his twenties.

A report back in January did say that WB would announce their new Batman in May or June though, so the mystery may be resolved in just a few months. Until then, let us know your own personal pick in the comments section below.

Source: USA Today