No, Armie Hammer Is Not In Talks To Star In The Batman

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The internet went wild last night when it was reported that Warner Bros. had found their new Dark Knight. Following Ben Affleck’s recent confirmation that he won’t be returning as Bruce Wayne, DC fans have been theorizing who director Matt Reeves might cast in the lead for his upcoming film The Batman. Yesterday, that mystery appeared to be solved, as Revenge of the Fans claimed that Armie Hammer was on the cusp of landing the highly-coveted role.

It sounds like we shouldn’t be celebrating about this news just yet, however, as at least two other sources are refuting the rumor. First, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to say that he’d reached out to the studio and they’d told him it’s “not true.” He also said that he’s heard that the actor being sought will be in their 20s, making the 32-year-old Hammer just a little too old. According to him, there are “no targeted names YET.”

Likewise, The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit offered more light on the situation. Kit argues that there’s “no truth” to RotF’s claims as there haven’t been “any actor meetings” at this point, but did say that Reeves and WB probably have ideas for who they’d like, of which Hammer could be one.

Of course, fans are already speculating that this was a deliberate fake leak by the studio in order to test the waters for a Hammer Batman or perhaps even to cover up their real choice. That’s most likely nonsense, but it has to be said that the internet did seem to largely agree that the Call Me By Your Name actor would be a good choice for the next Caped Crusader. Though there are folks who’d prefer more left-field choices like Robert Pattinson or Kit Harington.

Would you like to see Armie Hammer in The Batman and beyond, though? If not, who would your choice be? Let us know in the comments section down below.