Armie Hammer Reportedly Being Blacklisted By Studios After Being Outed As A Cannibal

Armie Hammer

Stick a fork in Armie Hammer‘s career, because it’s done. The Call Me By Your Name and Lone Ranger star has been in hiding ever since a series of DMs and audio messages leaked in which he fantasized about enslaving woman, mutilating them and consuming their flesh. In one quote that may define the whole affair, Hammer asserted: “I am 100% a cannibal.”

The actor quickly put out a statement describing the claims as “bullsh*t,” but his former partners have said that the DMs ring true. One ex-girlfriend, model Courtney Vucekovich, confirmed that Hammer had expressed a desire to barbecue her rib and regularly licked blood from her open wounds. Another ex, writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, explained that the DMs were exactly the kind of thing Hammer would talk about and that in her opinion it was all true. More recently, his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers released a statement asking for space to deal with all this, saying she was “shocked, heartbroken, and devastated.”

Now, famed leaker Daniel Richtman says Hammer is effectively blacklisted in Hollywood, with cannibalism apparently beyond the pale for major studios. Evidence is mounting that this is already in effect, too, as the actor left upcoming Jennifer Lopez action-comedy Shotgun Wedding and now won’t appear in Paramount Plus drama The Offer, about the production of The Godfather.

“[His] career is pretty much over as many studios want nothing to do with him,” says Richtman.

But don’t weep for Armie Hammer‘s lost career. The actor hails from the impossibly rich Hammer oil dynasty and his personal wealth is estimated at $200 million. So, even if he never sets foot on a movie set again in his life, he can look forward to long, lazy days in the Cayman Islands lounging under palm trees sipping Mai Tais and realizing his every bizarre whim. But it might be smart for authorities to keep an eye out for any young women that go missing in his neighborhood. I mean, if everybody believes you’re a cannibal, why not indulge yourself?

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