Armie Hammer Says He Doesn’t Know Anything About Shazam


Back in May, Dwayne Johnson told us here at We Got This Covered that he’d like to see Armie Hammer play Shazam in the DC Extended Universe. It was an interesting decision, as The Lone Ranger actor has long been linked with the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the franchise. Not only that, but Hammer had even encouraged the rumours himself recently by teasing his fans on his Twitter account. Now, however, it’s become a matter of debate whether Hammer would be a better fit for the green tights of Jordan or the red ones of the hero formally known as Captain Marvel.

When speaking with Screen Rant at the press junket for Cars 3, Hammer was asked which of the characters he would prefer to play – Green Lantern or Shazam – and here’s how the question went down:

INTERVIEWER: If you had to choose between the two though, Shazam or the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, which one are you taking?

ARMIE HAMMER: Oh, man! I don’t know. Well, I don’t really know anything about Shazam, to be honest. Like, uh, what’s the deal with Shazam?

INTERVIEWER: He’s a little kid that gets mystical powers from a wizard and grows into a man that’s like a superhero.

ARMIE HAMMER: So he’s still a little kid? Does he throw temper tantrums?

INTERVIEW: Yeah, yeah.

ARMIE HAMMER: No! Really? That’s funny, uh, yeah. That’s interesting.

It sounds like Hammer would be more interested in playing Jordan, then, considering he hadn’t heard about Shazam before this interview. Unless, of course, he’s already been approached for the role and is just keeping it extra close to his chest. Hey, who knows? That could be the case.

Let’s just hope that Warner Bros. manages to snap him up soon, as it just makes too much sense for Armie Hammer to turn up in the DCEU. He previously worked with Superman himself, Henry Cavill, in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., for one, and he was actually cast as Batman in the ultimately unmade Justice League: Mortal, way back in 2007. As such, we won’t be surprised at all if the studio announces his casting in either Shazam or Green Lantern Corps.