Armie Hammer’s Wife Left Him After He Sent Her Explicit Texts Meant For Another Woman

Armie Hammer

We still don’t know if Call Me By Your Name and The Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer is a cannibal. But while we can’t say if he’s actually consumed human flesh, it’s looking like the leaked DMs and audio messages purported to be from the actor in which he discussed consuming blood, severing toes, engaging in rape fantasies and enslaving his sex partners are indeed from him.

In the weeks since the story broke, a number of his former girlfriends have come forward to reveal that they recognize this behavior, he’s left two major projects that he was attached to, has been dropped by his agents and is currently hiding out at his family home on the Cayman Islands. Now, new article in Vanity Fair titled The Fall of Armie Hammer: A Family Saga of Sex, Money, Drugs and Betrayal has laid bare the bizarre and disturbing background of his life.

The saga encompasses four generations of Hammers and includes botched amateur abortions, ties to Lenin and Stalin, illegal contributions to the Nixon reelection campaign that “went to help pay for the Watergate cover-up,” covered-up murders over gambling debts, forged Jackson Pollock paintings and what’s described as a “sex throne” emblazoned with the Hammer coat of arms.

But one piece of information reveals the final straw that led Armie Hammer to separate from his wife Elizabeth Chambers. She explains that after repeated affairs and attempts at relationship therapy, the marriage was already on thin ice. Hammer’s decision to “flee the family” during COVID-19 for the Cayman Islands convinced her to file for divorce, though. Not to mention that soon after he arrived, he inadvertently sent his wife a sexually explicit text intended for another woman.

According to the article, she’s not entirely surprised by the revelations about Hammer’s cannibalistic proclivities, saying that in retrospect, the best comparison of her relationship with him is Netflix’s Ted Bundy film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. She’s currently engaged in a custody battle with the actor over her children, though people with knowledge of the Hammer family are warning her to watch her back.

I suspect this tale has a couple of twists still to come, but Cayman Island cops may want to keep an eye on Armie Hammer and cross-reference the dates of missing women with barbecues at the Hammer home. It sounds absurd, but then again, he did apparently say “I am 100% a cannibal,” so who knows?