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‘Armor Wars’ movie might lay the groundwork for the debut of an iconic Marvel villain

You wouldn't introduce this villain in a Disney Plus series.

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One of the most under-observed nuances in the realm of creativity is understanding how the piece relates to and is bolstered by the medium that it takes shape as; perhaps this is why so many video games make for lackluster movies.

With respect to that, we may never know why Marvel Studios chose to rework Armor Wars as a feature film rather than the originally-planned Disney Plus series, but knowing that the property was being assessed with such sincerity this whole time is a welcome development for us all.

But, if one fan theory is correct, then Marvel’s reasoning for shifting to a cinematic film release is about as clear as they come; after all, who in their right mind would introduce a villain as earth-shattering as Doctor Doom in a Disney Plus series?

In a fan theory pioneered by The Cosmic Circus, it’s suggested that Armor Wars could serve as the introduction for Victor Von Doom, drawing on the obvious source of comic book history and the recent rumors surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen’s impending portrayal of the demon lord Mephisto.

Doctor Doom
Image via Marvel Comics

In short, one Riri Williams, who will be debuting in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever later this year, is set to become a major player in the MCU, carrying on the legacy of Tony Stark by way of her peerless ability in building Iron Man-esque armor.

Enter Infamous Iron Man, a 2016 comic run in which Doctor Doom manages to seize Tony’s tech now that the original Iron Man is out of the picture. Williams, enraged by the tarnishing of Stark’s legacy, takes it upon herself to confront the armor-clad Doom as Mephisto manipulates everything from the shadows of the underworld.

And with Armor Wars set to explore the question of what happens when Tony’s tech falls into the wrong hands, it could very well be the case that Marvel Studios will serve up the highly-anticipated Doctor Doom in the most spectacular fashion possible.

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