Army Of The Dead Is Already Beginning To Die Out On Netflix

Army of the Dead

Success is fleeting in the world of streaming, which is why platforms like Netflix gauge their viewership data on the first four weeks a movie or TV show is available as opposed to a longer period, and probably one of the major reasons why other services like HBO Max and Amazon don’t release official numbers at all.

There’s so much new content arriving on an almost daily basis that managing to hold on to the top spot for a week is regarded as an undeniably impressive achievement. Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead recently accomplished that very feat, but since it hit the seven-day mark, the apocalyptic actioner has begun trending downwards to be replaced at the high end of the Top 10 by a selection of titles that could generously be described as random.

At the time of writing, Army of the Dead is currently the fourth most-watched film on Netflix, having been dislodged by a pair of forgettable family flicks and a Dennis Quaid drama. 2019 box office bomb Trouble is still entrenched at the summit of the charts, followed by DreamWorks Animation’s Home and Quaid’s new release Blue Miracle, the latter of which has at least been drawing decent enough reviews from critics.

An entire week at number one isn’t an honor bestowed upon many Netflix originals, and there’s no shame whatsoever in Army of the Dead tumbling down the list when any major in-house blockbuster tends to explode in popularity as soon as it’s available to stream before swiftly fading from the public consciousness once the initial buzz begins to wear off. And besides, it’s already predicted to end up as one of the company’s most-watched movies ever with upwards of 72 million streams being estimated for its first four weeks.