Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Make A Cameo In The Predator?


When any of us recall our favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, we tend to bring up his more iconic offerings from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Although Raw Deal will likely continue to be criminally overlooked, the likes of The Terminator, Commando and Total Recall are often among the most fondly remembered. But, if you repeatedly find yourself in a situation that requires you get to the chopper with haste, then Predator is probably the action flick for you.

That being said, we’re all aware that whenever a beloved franchise is revived on the big screen these days, it’s not uncommon for the filmmakers to try to lure familiar actors from the originals back, be it in a large role or a mere cameo. As such, Schwarzenegger has been brought up in conversation many times already in regards to the next Predator film. Unfortunately, however, everything we’ve heard has pointed to the Austrian Oak not being involved.

Then again, the cast and crew could just be keeping the surprise under wraps and if a recent report from Movie Web is to be believed, Schwarzenegger may even be filming his cameo very soon. That’s because The Predator is now heading back to Canada for some reshoots. They’ll take place between March 12th and 29th and though what exactly’s being shot is unknown, speculation points to a last minute cameo from Arnie.

Then again, we’ve also heard that test screenings weren’t too successful, with audiences finding there to be too much humor in the film. So these reshoots could be to fix that as well. Whatever’s going on, we likely won’t know for sure until the pic hits theaters, which will be on August 3rd.

In the meantime, we can tell you that The Predator will see a number of hunter-aliens descend upon a suburban setting to begin their killing spree. From there, several war veterans will be pulled into a brutal, interspecies brawl, while there also appears to be elements of a UFO conspiracy thrown in for good measure.

It’s got all the makings of a hit then, and we’ll finally get to see if director Shane Black succeeded in honoring the franchise’s legacy later this summer.

Source: MovieWeb