Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Open To Doing Last Action Hero 2

The Last Action Hero

Much like Final Destination, it looks like the title of Last Action Hero isn’t going to make sense for too much longer. We already reported via an exclusive scoop that a remake to the cult classic is in the early stages of development, but now it sounds like the idea may soon switch to a sequel instead.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently asked about a potential follow-up to the aforementioned 1993 fantasy action-comedy film and expressed that it’s really all up to the fans. He also mentioned that he’d do it if the script was great.

For folks unfamiliar with the original, Last Action Hero is a satirical take on the action genre that made the Austrian-American actor into the star he is today. The movie pokes fun at all of the clichés that typically make up these films, while still being an entertaining and eventful ride.

The pic features Schwarzenegger in the role of Jack Slater, a fictional Los Angeles detective within his eponymous movie franchise. Austin O’Brien co-stars as Danny Madigan, a young boy who gets magically transported into Slater’s cinematic universe, while Charles Dance plays a tough-as-nails assassin named Benedict who’s intent to wreak the same havoc in the real world that he’s always causing onscreen.

The film turned out to be a flop both critically and commercially, but has since acquired a pretty big fanbase. Though executives had been toying around with the idea of a remake, they could now just bring back Schwarzenegger to reprise his role since he’s open to it. At the very least, he could cameo while another big action star shines in the spotlight (we’d love to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Vin Diesel get the part).

Nothing is official as of yet, but if Terminator: Dark Fate turns out to be the box office success that the studio is hoping it will, then clearly the 72-year-old actor is still a very bankable star and might just go on to feature in a Last Action Hero remake/sequel.