Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’s Ready To Lead Earth Against An Alien Invasion

arnold schwarzenegger

A new poll has determined that the people want Arnold Schwarzenegger to lead the world against an alien invasion, if we ever had a real-life Independence Day situation on our hands. And sure enough, the Terminator star has gladly accepted the responsibility, thanking us for putting our faith in him in the process.

The legendary movie star responded to the news on Twitter recently, revealing that he’s ready to rise to the task. “I want to thank the people for putting their faith in me,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “I am ready to serve.”

A UK-based survey gave 2000 British citizens 20 celebrities to rank based on how much they would trust them to lead the fight against an extraterrestrial invasion. Arnold came out on top, beating out Will Smith who occupied second place. It seems that the Austrian actor’s political experience as the former Governor of California made him a better candidate than Smith, despite the Men in Black star’s wider experience battling aliens on screen.

Nature documentary host Sir David Attenborough was the surprise third place pick, with Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise rounding out the top five. Ex-movie president Harrison Ford, meanwhile, came in at sixth, with Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver in seventh. Former POTUS Donald Trump was then voted into the eight spot, while his successor in office, President Biden, found himself in twentieth place.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was most recently seen in Chinese fantasy film Iron Mask, which earned him the dubious honor of a Worst Supporting Actor nomination at this year’s Razzies. But it’s fair to say that, if he actually did lead the charge against an outer space attack on Earth at some point in the future, he’d more than likely make up for that bad movie.

Arnold is ready for you, Martians. Are you ready for him?