New Poll Names Arnold Schwarzenegger As Best Person To Lead Earth During An Alien Invasion

Terminator: Dark Fate

As arguably cinema’s greatest ever action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger has dealt with his fair share of bad guys over the last four decades, and a new poll has now named the 73 year-old as the ideal candidate to lead an entire planet against the threat of an alien invasion.

British TV channel BLAZE conducted the survey, asking 2000 people who they’d choose to act as Earth’s figurehead should we ever face an extraterrestrial enemy, and Schwarzenegger comfortably came out on top. He may have an extensive and impressive back catalogue of action films under his belt, but the erstwhile Terminator hasn’t had to deal with visitors from outer space too often, although Predator on its own makes a compelling case for his selection.

Will Smith, no stranger to battling foes from beyond the stars in Independence Day and the Men in Black franchise, came in second, but Schwarzenegger’s experience from his two terms as Governor of California no doubt gave him the edge seeing as he’s also got the political acumen to back up his proven action credentials. In fact, he even took to social media to acknowledge the poll, confirming he was ready to step up as soon as the little green men appear, as you can see below.

The other candidates featured an eclectic mix of movie stars including Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver, along with living legend Sir David Attenborough, who would no doubt opt for a more peaceful resolution than any sort of interplanetary conflict, while Home Alone 2 actor Donald Trump landed in eighth place, well ahead of Parks and Recreation‘s Joe Biden in 20th. At least we know that if hostile aliens to decide to visit our shores, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to step up to the plate.