Arnold Schwarzenegger Hilariously Trolls Sylvester Stallone Over Rambo


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone might be great friends these days, but there was a time when the two action icons were huge rivals both onscreen and off, battling for supremacy throughout the 1980s to stake their claim as the biggest movie star in the world. Once the professional animosity died down though, the two worked together in several projects, including the Expendables franchise and Escape Plan.

However, just because Arnie and Sly are friends now, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t above a bit of good-natured ribbing. Stallone recently donated a signed knife that he’d used in one of the Rambo movies to a charity auction, only for Schwarzenegger to one-up him and donate a much bigger blade that the Austrian Oak had wielded in Predator.

Of course, the 72 year-old former Governor of California couldn’t resist poking fun at his one-time adversary and took to social media to drop a new video, which you can see below:

At least Stallone took the joke well, re-posting it on his own Instagram page along with a thank you message for Schwarzenegger. While Arnie’s Crocodile Dundee impression is possibly the worst that’s ever been done, the Terminator star simply can’t control his laughter when indulging in a little d*ck-measuring contest between two of cinema’s most legendary action heroes.

The message also comes with a nice little plug for Rambo: Last Blood, which hits theaters tomorrow, so it wasn’t just a case of the veteran star making fun of his friend for no reason. It would be nice to see this kind of back-and-forth continue between the two as well, as they would have a real chance of eclipsing the back-and-forth battle between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as Hollywood’s biggest A-list trolls.