Lionsgate Announces Rambo Day Celebrations Ahead Of Rambo: Last Blood


You’ve heard of Halloween (October 31st) and Independence Day (July 4th), but what about… Rambo Day?

Per Collider, it’s the all-new celebratory event due to kick off on September 18th – just in time for the global release of Rambo: Last Blood – complete with promotions, ceremonies, and special events in Arizona, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. Think of it as a long-awaited medal of service for Sly Stallone’s muscle-bound war veteran.

And make no mistake, Rambo Day is as much about active members of the military as it is John Rambo. As you’ll see from the video below, those who purchase tickets to the Rambo Marathon will donate $1 to organizations across the country to support veterans and current members of the military. And we’re merely scratching the surface.

It’s a fitting event for what many are describing as the last chapter in the hit action series. Mind you, it remains to be seen whether Stallone and his team really walk away from the franchise after all this time, but make no mistake: any action fan worth their salt will want to take full advantage of Rambo Day when things kick off on September 18th.

Here’s a play-by-play breakdown of what to expect, courtesy of Collider:

  • The City of Los Angeles will proclaim September 18th Rambo Day in LA
  • “The World’s Greatest Rambo Fan” Challenge will award prizes and declare “The World’s Greatest Rambo Fan” based on short videos of fans doing their best Rambo impressions. Fans from around the world are encouraged to enter to win using the #RamboDay
  • The City of Bowie, Arizona, the hometown of John Rambo, is proclaiming September 18 Rambo Day. Bowie, Arizona gained worldwide attention when it was revealed in Rambo: First Blood Part II that Bowie was Rambo’s home. “As we work to increase Bowie’s economic footprint, this national exposure as John Rambo’s hometown is priceless to us,” says Nancy-Jean Welker of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce. “We are deeply grateful for and proud of this distinction!”
  • Alamo Drafthouse theatres will celebrate Rambo Day with a RAMBO Movie Marathon, which is taking place at Alamo Drafthouse locations during opening weekend.
  • For any fan who purchases a ticket to the Rambo Marathon on September 18, $1 will be donated to organizations to support veterans and active-duty members of the military.
  • Rambo Day will wind down with a New York Fan Extravaganza. Sylvester Stallone, the rest of the cast and filmmakers will join fans at the AMC in Lincoln Square as they screen RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. Local promotional ticket giveaways will be distributed on Q104.3 and flyaway contests will be held in Chicago and Baltimore for Rambo’s biggest fans to join Sylvester Stallone at the fan event in NYC.

Millennium Films and Lionsgate will resurrect John Rambo one last time (?) this Friday, September 20th, with the aptly titled Rambo: Last Blood. There’ve been rumblings of a potential sequel – so long as the box office numbers are to Lionsgate’s liking. But before we get swept up by speculation, let’s just appreciate Last Blood for what it is: a glorious, R-rated curtain call for one of cinema’s true action heroes.