Rambo V: Last Blood Officially Rated R For Strong Graphic Violence


A bar graph available on FlowingData.com provides the numbers for all the kills John Rambo has claimed over the years. The data is only separated by two factors: the film in which the body fell, and whether or not the Vietnam vet did it while wearing a shirt.

According to the results, Stallone’s PTSD-driven brute has killed 220 people across four films – with all but one occurring after First Blood. And, because I know you were wondering, over 90 of which the actor showed off his pecs.

But as most movie fans know by now, that number is going to get, hopefully, a lot bigger next month once Rambo V: Last Blood is unleashed upon the world. And we do mean unleashed.

Though it wasn’t ever really put into question, the film has earned itself a hard R rating, and now, according to Exhibitor Relations Co., we know exactly why. In a recent tweet, the box office analyst page announced Rambo’s latest venture will feature strong, graphic violence, language and more.

Directed by Adrian Grunberg from a script co-written by Matthew Cirulnick and Stallone himself, Last Blood follows our anti-hero as he faces off against the Mexican cartel. Once Gabriella, the daughter of his caretaker and nearly a member of his own family, is kidnapped for their sex trafficking ring, Rambo, with the company of a reporter, embarks on a rescue mission to save her.

With the two trailers we’ve received, we can speculate that Last Blood won’t be the exception in Rambo’s corpse-filled film appearances. And while we aren’t sure whether or not this will be the action legend’s final ride, we can only hope that if it is, he’ll be going out with a bang.

Rambo V: Last Blood releases in theaters on September 20th.