New Rambo V: Last Blood Trailer Teases Stallone’s Bloody Return


Thanks to Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram page, we’ve been given regular looks inside the production of the upcoming film, Rambo V: Last Blood. But those only teased the bloody affair, the bloody affair that the first trailer finally provided some footage to ogle over.

Thankfully, the second preview for Last Blood‘s now dropped online, and like its predecessor, it promises a gritty and dark atmosphere for the Vietnam vet to inhabit, as well as (of course) a high body count. It’s not terribly long, unfortunately, but it does paint a picture of the sure to be exhilarating return to the silver screen for the action icon.

While the star’s at the astounding age of 72, it doesn’t look like John Rambo’s going to be taking the sideline role that Stallone’s other trademark character, Rocky Balboa, has taken in the Creed films. In fact, it appears to be business as usual for him, as we watch him prepare for what he knows best: all-out war.

When it comes to the plot, we know that it’s Yvette Monreal’s character Gabrielle who brings out Rambo’s inner animal again – that is, after she’s kidnapped by a drug cartel. In his mission to rescue the young woman, he’ll be joined by Paz Vega’s reporter Carmen Delgado, and will eventually be going up against the cartel’s leader Hugo Martinez, played by Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

Now, while we’ve been under the impression that this’ll be Rambo’s swan song (given the title, as well as the physical toll the production’s had on the actor), Stallone’s recently contradicted that idea, saying that he’d be down for a sixth Rambo movie if Last Blood succeeds. But given that another Rocky picture is on its way (yes another Rocky film, not Creed), who knows when the action star’s going to call it quits?

For now, you can look forward to Rambo V: Last Blood shooting its way into theaters on September 20th, 2019.