Arrow’s Stephen Amell Insisted That Avengers: Endgame Be Spoiled For Him


Even though a few weeks have passed since “#DontSpoilTheEndgame” was a thing, I’m guessing it’ll be a while before any of us forget how adamant most folks had been about Avengers: Endgame not being spoiled for them on social media. Actually, the embargo extended beyond the borders of cyberspace, but not everyone wished to adhere to it.

Believe it or not, one person who wanted to know some details was that of Arrow star Stephen Amell. Yes, he’s of the variety who doesn’t mind beans being spilled before walking into the theater. Personally, I don’t mind knowing the basics provided by trailers and such, but it pretty much ends there. To each their own, I guess.

When speaking at MCM London Comic Con, Amell detailed his situation:

“I read a story that sometimes being spoiled and knowing how a story ends actually adds to the enjoyment of watching it. I haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame. I’ve seen every Marvel movie, I haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame. We were doing the premiere of Code 8, the movie that I did with my cousin Robbie…and I was at the LA afterparty and I turned to this guy — it was the day Avengers came out — and I go ‘have you seen Endgame?’ He said ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘How’s it end?’ He said, ‘I can’t…tell you.’ And I said ‘No, you don’t understand — I’m not going to be able to see it for several weeks….Please tell me how it ends.’ He goes, ‘Are you sure?’ And I go, ‘Yeah. Don’t get into the weeds. If you had 15 seconds to tell me how it ends, how does it end?’…He told me and I go, ‘Thanks!’”

Considering that Endgame clocked in at three hours in length, there’s still a lot of material that’ll be new to Amell once he has the chance to finally enjoy the movie for himself. But if someone managed to sum up everything in fifteen seconds, then I’d be quite impressed.

Funny enough, Stephen hasn’t seen any flicks making up the DC Extended Universe. Actually, he did watch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on a plane, but he doesn’t think that counts. Regardless, we can’t hold anything against him because the Arrowverse, in my view, has trumped most of what’s been accomplished on the silver screen in recent years.

Arrow returns for its eighth and final season on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.