Arrow’s Stephen Amell Says He Hasn’t Seen Any DCEU Movies

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It’s been a great month for fans of The CW. A few weeks ago, the network pulled back the curtain on its fall schedule, which includes brand new episodes of Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, Arrowand a handful of other non-superhero shows. Of course, DC devotees have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Batwoman, the newest entry in the long-running Arrowverse. And not only did longtime followers get a glimpse at The CW’s take on the Batsuit, but they were also treated to a full-length trailer, which shows Kate Kane’s journey as she takes on the mantle of the (female) Caped Crusader.

While there’s certainly plenty to look forward to in the near future, some bittersweet moments are also on the horizon. Arrow‘s upcoming eighth season is sure to be a doozy, but it also serves as the show’s finale, with ten episodes leading into the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Needless to say, fans will certainly miss Stephen Amell, who’s been portraying Oliver Queen for the better part of a decade. And while we’ve heard there’s a chance that Green Arrow could make his way to the DCEU in the future, Amell recently shared some interesting information regarding his history with Warner Bros.’ extended universe.

Stephen participated in a panel at MCM London last weekend and as reports, the star of Arrow admitted that he hasn’t actually seen any DCEU films, save for an airplane viewing of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which according to him, doesn’t count.

“I haven’t seen Batman v. Superman — I saw it on a plane, that doesn’t count. I haven’t seen any of the movies, actually,” he told the crowd.

Interestingly, Amell admitted that he has seen (and enjoyed) Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. While he’s shown some disappointment in Ezra Miller being chosen to play The Flash (as opposed to The CW’s Grant Gustin), Stephen has displayed nothing but support for the DCEU in the past.

“These are things that I think people think that we think about, but I mean, sure, sure,” he explained a few years ago. “I’m so happy with my role within the DC universe, and whether that is the Arrowverse, the DCEU, the DMV, the BLT, I could, you know what, honestly, would I like to be in a sequel to the Justice League movie? Well yeah, I’d like hanging out with Jason Momoa, so sure! But you want to cast literally anyone to play Green Arrow in the next version…don’t care. It’s all good, doesn’t bother me. I wish nothing but success for any project with DC on its name.”

It’s not entirely clear if Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen can make the jump to the big screen anytime soon, but for now, fans will be able to see him in action when the final season of Arrow premieres later this year.