New Batwoman Photos Reveal The Arrowverse’s Batsuit


If you’ve been keeping up with news pertaining to the upcoming Batwoman TV series, then you’re aware of how it’ll take place in a post-Batman Gotham City. In fact, last fall’s “Elseworlds” crossover told us that the Dark Knight has been missing for three years.

Regardless, the Caped Crusader’s impact will still be felt. And interestingly enough, The CW has wasted little time in giving us an idea of what the Arrowverse’s iteration of Batman looks like. Seen below are a couple images that were revealed during the network’s fall upfronts.

From the look of it, this version of Bruce Wayne donned a costume sharing similarities with what Ben Affleck wore in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Christian Bale’s attire from Batman Begins. At least, that’s what I’m seeing until we get an even clearer shot. Either way, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of what Gotham gave us.

In addition to that photo showing Kate Kane and Luke Fox conversing in front of the badass suit, we’re granted an official look at Ruby Rose standing near her character’s motorcycle. Previously, we’d seen it featured in some leaked footage, but it’s always better to glimpse in higher resolution.

If I were to wager an educated guess, we’ll learn much, much more this July at San Diego Comic-Con. Odds are that a full trailer will debut, in addition to more images and details concerning the show. In the opinion of this lifelong Bat-fan, there are a million reasons to check this one out.

Batwoman is set to air on Sunday nights this fall on The CW. As always, keep watching this space as more info comes down.