New Batwoman Set Video Reveals Kate Kane’s Motorcycle

Batwoman Ruby Rose

Despite Arrow soon ending its impressive run and the various series orbiting it not getting any younger, the future of DC on The CW still looks incredibly bright. The reason I say that is because we have Batwoman waiting in the wings, a show set to be headlined by Ruby Rose as she plays the titular character tasked with protecting Gotham City following the disappearance of Batman.

As you may have heard, the pilot episode went in front of cameras not long ago, so we’re once step closer to this becoming a reality. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty giddy about it coming together. Already, the likes of Luke Fox (Batwing!), Jacob Kane and the villainous Alice have been added to the cast, each of which should hopefully excite those familiar with the source material.

Naturally, certain aspects of the production have leaked onto social media since the pilot’s been shooting in metropolitan areas. In this case, it’s MetalJohn sharing a video recorded on the streets of Chicago. Seen below, said exhibit shows Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane with motorcycle in tow.

Right now, it’s hard to say if this vehicle is merely Kate’s joyride, or if it doubles as Batwoman’s wheels of choice. Unless she comes across a leftover Batmobile, she’s going to need some way to get around town. Perhaps this is our first hint at how she’ll accomplish that necessary task.

Currently, Batwoman has no premiere date, though the prevailing theory is that it’ll drop sometime in the fall if indeed The CW gives it a series order. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it debuts January 2020 and ends up taking Arrow‘s timeslot. Don’t forget, that show’s eighth and final season will consist of only ten episodes, so it’s fair to assume that one door will open as the other closes.

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