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At-home audiences cringe through a regrettably dire supernatural fantasy

Avoid at all costs, is the message we're getting.


Sweeping fantasy is a genre more than capable of drawing in audiences, who find themselves ready and willing to be lured in by the promise of epic battles, fights between good and evil, lavish production design, eye-catching visual effects, and an interesting mythology. 2015’s Four Warriors possesses absolutely none of those things, but has still conspired to make a splash on streaming.

As per FlixPatrol, a movie nobody seems to have heard of (but those unfortunate enough to have seen it appear to actively loathe) has charted on Prime Video’s global rankings, even managing to sneak into the seventh spot in Spain. It might sound like we’re being a touch harsh on Phil Dawkins’ old-fashioned adventure with a fantastical twist, but the people spoke on our behalf long ago.


On Rotten Tomatoes, Four Warriors holds a user rating of just 22 percent, while things are even worse over on IMDb based on the cumulative 418 votes cast so far, which have deemed the film as being completely deserving of its 2.8/10 score. Those are not good numbers, but those paying their monthly fee to Amazon’s in-house platform don’t seem to hate it quite so much.

As you may have guessed, the plot does indeed follow a quartet of siblings, who set out on a journey to exact revenge on the mysterious (and decidedly evil) force that razed their village to the ground, left the local men for dead, and kidnapped the women and children for nefarious purposes, with Four Warriors probably best left alone if general opinion is anything to go by.

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