Atlantean Royalty Emerges From The Deep In New Aquaman Set Photos


UPDATE: These images have been removed at the request of the photographer.

Justice League continues to gobble up headlines left, right, and center ahead of its long-awaited release date, but once the Caped Crusader has rallied the League and Steppenwolf has fallen, the Powers That Be will begin directing our attention toward Aquaman.

Pegged to arrive late next year, James Wan’s starry standalone pic is said to be steeped in horror, which isn’t all that surprising for a director that cut his teeth on Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring franchise – the latter of which has since become a full-blown film universe at New Line.

If nothing else, Wan’s horror heritage is a sure-fire sign that Warner Bros. is about to deliver something truly different in 2018, given the DCEU has so far been defined by po-faced blockbusters, brooding heroes and, thanks to Wonder Woman, an inspired origin story. Let’s just hope Justice League is able to build on that momentum in four weeks’ time.

Aquaman, meanwhile, continues to lens Down Under – Queensland, to be specific – and a handful of set photos have emerged to prove it. First spotted by one eagle-eyed Twitter user, there’s also a brief video from 7 News Gold Coast that shows Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Queen Mera (Amber Heard) sauntering out of the ocean.

You’ll also notice that Mera appears to be holding on to some unidentified object. It’s impossible to know for sure, but there’s a good chance this artifact, whatever it is, is in some way related to the plot of James Wan’s spinoff. But without any official footage to consult, you’d be best filing that allegation in the rumor cabinet for now.

Per 7 News Gold Coast:

Also, ignore the surfers and other casual passers-by; they’ll likely be removed in post. As things stand, Aquaman is the only DCEU movie poised to arrive in 2018 (December 21st), with Justice League expected to debut on November 17th of this year.