Director David Leitch Game For Atomic Blonde Sequel


Agent Lorraine Broughton is a seasoned MI6 operative capable of cleaning out an entire room full of goons without so much as breaking a sweat. Otherwise known as Atomic Blonde, she’s a fierce and indeed fearless spy that journeys to Berlin circa 1989, just prior to the collapse of the wall. But if writer-director David Leitch has his way, Miss Broughton’s mission is just getting started.

The soon-to-be Deadpool 2 filmmaker spoke to Screen Rant about the possibility of a sequel to his Charlize Theron-fronted espionage thriller, admitting that while everyone involved is game for another crack of the whip, Atomic Blonde‘s box office performance will be the real deciding factor when it comes to the future of Agent Lorraine Broughton – or lack thereof.

Drawing comparisons between his female action hero, who began life in Antony Johnston and Sam Hart’s graphic novel The Coldest City, and industry veterans in the vein of Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne, Leitch expressed an interest in crafting a new film franchise. And he even looked to one Diana Prince for help.

I hope so. I think it will all come down to business at the end of the day. The will is there on our side. I think all of the creatives involved on Atomic Blonde want to do future films and it’s really… hopefully, Wonder Woman is an indication of a female, sort of action film and maybe we can latch on to some of that success and people will see Lorraine kick ass and we can do that again.

Box office numbers aside, the as-yet-unconfirmed Atomic Blonde 2 will surely have to overcome scheduling issues if it’s to see the light of day. For instance, Charlize Theron may circle back to appear in Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise at some point in the future, while there have also been rumblings of a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel film centering on her Imperator Furiosa. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Atomic Blonde, meanwhile, is due to storm theaters on Friday, July 28th.

Source: Screen Rant