Aubrey Plaza Hits The Road In Dirty Grandpa, With Zac Efron And Robert De Niro



If you thought that Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever marked the nadir of Aubrey Plaza’s career, then you, sir, are just going to have to think again. Moving on from voicing a grouchy kitty, Aubrey Plaza has now decided to portray a young lady out for a good time on Spring Break in the Zac Efron/Robert De Niro road trip movie Dirty Grandpa. You can’t make this stuff up.

Dirty Grandpa features Efron as a straight-laced young man about to be married, who decides to take a road trip with his grandfather, played by De Niro. It turns out that grandpa is a bit dirty, though: he’s a foul-mouthed crazy man who is out to get laid on Spring Break. Aubrey Plaza joins the party as Lenore, a party girl looking for a good time. Will she give the dirty grandpa a run for his money?

While it behoves us to not judge a film before it’s even made, one does have to wonder what any of these people are thinking. Robert De Niro is an Academy Award-winning actor, Zac Efron has proven that he’s far more than just that guy that was in High School Musical, and Aubrey Plaza has been in a number of excellent indie films, not to mention her long-running stint on Parks and Recreation.

So…what gives? Is Dirty Grandpa one of those films that sounds really terrible on the surface and turns out to be all kinds of funny? Or is this just another paycheck for the whole lot of them? We can only hope that this film is a lot better than it looks right now.

We will get to see De Niro, Efron, and Plaza do their thing when Dirty Grandpa comes out on August 12, 2016. Plenty of time to get excited, I suppose.

Source: Deadline

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