New Australian Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man

Thought we could go 24-hours without an update for The Amazing Spider-Man, did you? Of course we can’t. They won’t let us.

Adding to the deluge of Spidey marketing, a new Australian trailer for the film has surfaced online. It’s largely similar to the recent third American trailer, but contains some a few pieces of new footage as well. Those snippets are largely lighthearted – Peter joking around with Gwen, accidentally throwing a football with Spider-force, etc. – which makes this my favorite trailer for the film so far. I don’t like the dark, overbearing tone to the American ads, which make the film seem far too grim.

So give this Australian ad a watch. But if you really want to get hyped for The Amazing Spider-Man, I highly recommend checking out Men in Black 3 in IMAX to see the attached 6-minute clip reel. It’s truly fantastic, and with more context surrounding the footage, one gets a much better sense of what director Marc Webb is going for with this remake. After seeing it, I can now say I’m honestly excited for this movie, something previous ads haven’t done.

But as I said, the Australian preview comes close.

The Amazing Spider-Man arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theatres on July 3rd.