New Avatar 2 Set Photo Reveals Human Headquarters


Almost unbelievably, James Cameron recently confirmed that Avatar 2 had finished shooting, and it could very well be set to arrive in December 2022 as currently scheduled. That being said, not only will there be extensive and painstaking post-production work required to bring the sequel to life, but this is a Cameron movie we’re talking about.

The groundbreaking filmmaker is hardly renowned for the rapid pace at which he puts his projects together, and if his return to Pandora hits theaters on time, it’ll still be just his third directorial effort since 1994. Of course, Avatar 2 was first announced to be released in December 2014, so eight years behind schedule isn’t too bad all things considered.

The studio will no doubt be looking for a major return on their massive investment after funelling a reported billion dollars into the production of multiple follow-ups, while Cameron will be determined to reclaim the crown stolen from him by Avengers: Endgame and direct the highest-grossing movie ever made for what would be a third time.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know too much about what he has planned, but plenty of set photos have been making their way online in recent months, and the latest image is one of a rare few that doesn’t feature a motion capture costume or tracking dot in sight, as you can see below.

This is the headquarters of the Resources Development Administration, the human scientific organization out to mine the natural resources of Pandora. The set is very sci-fi looking indeed, with all shiny surfaces and angular designs, in what will surely be a drastic counterpoint to the lush forests and breathtaking oceans that are set to factor heavily into Avatar 2‘s narrative as the effects team hunkers down for the next two years to bring all that to life.