Avengers 4 Character Breakdown Identifies Who’s Still Alive From Infinity War


We’ve obsessed over the title and caught an early glimpse of the alleged logo, but what about the Avengers 4 character roster?

It’s one that will mostly be comprised of those heroes who fought in Infinity War and lived to tell the tale – your Caps, your Iron Mans, your Rocket Raccoons – though it’s fair to say that there are still a number of prominent MCU characters whose respective fates remain undecided.

Think Black Panther duo Nakia and Shuri, while Marvel boss Kevin Feige has kept schtum about Korg and Miek, even if he’s still game to spin out a possible solo adventure for two of the greatest characters in all of Thor: Ragnarok.

But as the speculation swirls, and the wait for Avengers 4 continues, the folks over at CBM have pieced together a rather handy breakdown for the MCU’s supporting players, which helps identify who’s still alive after the cataclysmic events of Infinity War.

As we alluded to before, this overview merely concerns secondary characters, so whereas Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Black Widow are all locked in for Avengers 4, this breakdown shifts the focus over to some of the lesser-known folks populating the MCU and, essentially, tries to gauge whether they’re alive or dead.

Betty Ross – Dead

Aunt May – Alive

Lady Sif – Dead

Nakia – Unclear

Howard the Duck – Alive

Shuri – Unclear

General Ross – Alive

Korg and Miek – Unclear

Captain Marvel – Alive

Jane Foster – Unclear

Ned Leeds – Unclear

Valkyrie – Alive

Gamora – TBD

Everyone affected by Thanos’ finger snap – TBD

Mind you, this is all subject to debate, so don’t take CBM’s word as gospel. Still, it’s a pretty interesting primer for Avengers 4, a movie capable of becoming a true turning point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kevin Feige and Co. brace for Phase 4.

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