Leaked Avengers 4 Concept Art Hints At Cap’s Old-School Suit


Before we begin, let’s remind ourselves that promo art for Avengers 4 – or any major Hollywood blockbuster, for that matter – isn’t necessarily indicative of the final character design, as things tend to chop and change during the throes of production.

So when a piece of Avengers 4 artwork leaks online, it’s best treating said artwork with heightened caution, as there’s no use getting excited for a particular outfit or character redesign if it winds up on the cutting room floor.

With that footnote out of the way, we present to you Captain America’s alleged suit from Avengers 4. And it seems Steve Rogers will be reverting back to his clean-shaven, OG Cap come 2019. Not only that, but the armor harkens back to the character’s glory days, and is much brighter and colorful than the one seen in Avengers: Infinity War – even Civil War‘s rendition of Captain America was more understated than the one you’ll find below.

Similar to Infinity War, this costume has the “linked scales” effect stitched into the fabric, seemingly to give Steve Rogers some added protection for his close-quarters combat.

And while it’s currently unclear if this particular suit will make it into Avengers 4, we can at least infer that Captain America has finally ditched that cumbersome helmet from previous incarnations. Removing Cap’s headgear helped the initial transformation into Nomad, but for Joe and Anthony Russo’s next film, it’s looking increasingly likely that the First Avenger will favor a more classic outfit – sans helmet.

Whatever the outcome, one thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that Avengers 4 is booked in for release on May 3rd, 2019. Before that, though, comes a standalone Captain Marvel movie that’s expected to whisk viewers off to the 1990s.

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