New Avengers 4 Concept Art Features A Beard-Free Cap And More


Marvel Studios – or, at least, the company’s partners and licensees – is struggling to keep a lid on Avengers 4.

Just yesterday, for instance, eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted some never-before-seen artwork for the untitled sequel, which brought us closer to the new and upgraded suits worn by Hulk and War Machine. Brie Larson’s as-yet-unrevealed Captain Marvel also moseyed her way into the spotlight, while Kevin Feige went on record to hail Carol Danvers as the MCU’s strongest ever character.

And now, thanks to Twitter user AJ Designs (h/t MCU Cosmic), today’s batch of leaked concept art offers a sneak peek at Black Widow and a beard-free Captain America. Each character design is subject to change, of course, though we’ll be keeping a close eye on Avengers 4 as it nears the finish line.

In the meantime, feast thy eyes:

As two heroes who were given short shrift during Avengers: Infinity War, it’s nice to see Cap and Black Widow back in action. Of course, keeping Chris Evans and ScarJo’s respective characters on the sidelines was always part of the plan – remember Joe and Anthony Russo approached Infinity War and its untitled sequel as a two-movie conversation, so it’s no accident that only the original Avengers happened to survive Thanos’ Snap of Doom.

Exactly what’s in store for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 2019, though, is another question entirely. Per Doctor Strange’s gloomy prophecy, Tony Stark and his battle-worn allies will likely journey back in time so they’re able to collect all six Infinity Stones before they wind up in the Mad Titan’s giant, grubby hands. No pressure, then…

Avengers 4 graces theaters on May 3rd, 2019, and the MCU will never be the same again – for better or worse.

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