Leaked Avengers 4 Concept Art May Be Teasing Iron Man’s Journey Into The Quantum Realm


A few days ago, some concept art from leaker Daren Horley surfaced online that teased a new suit for Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers 4. Since then, fans have offered a variety of theories on what role this latest set of armor could play in next year’s release, with Comic Book Movie now offering their own speculative take.

In particular, the article makes a noteworthy comparison between Tony Stark’s silver mask design and the armor worn by Thor and Rocket in some other leaked promo art. From here, it’s suggested that these shiny suits could be donned by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for their journeys into space, or even the Quantum Realm. Indeed, it’s practically a given that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will feature some interplanetary journeys, while the Quantum Realm was more or less confirmed earlier this year to have a lot of significance in the film.

As you’d imagine, the internet has offered plenty more predictions in response to the Iron Man pics. Another theory, for example, is that this silver structure provides the “under armor” to Stark’s classic red and gold outfit from the comic books. For evidence, you could certainly point to the red parts of the suit, which seem in line with the original design, as well as its figure-hugging form.

What feels particularly significant about these new images is that they could be giving us an early glimpse at the last suit Stark ever wears. After a decade in the MCU, next year’s Phase 3-closer looks like it may well serve as Robert Downey Jr.’s swan song for the franchise. Naturally, many are predicting a heroic death for the character, though he’s certainly not the only Phase 1 hero who should probably be a little nervous.

In any case, we’ll see what the Russo Brothers have planned for Stark and his next outfit when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

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