Avengers 4 Concept Trailer Introduces The X-Men Into The MCU


With Disney poised to hoover up 20th Century Fox next year, that means that Marvel Studios will finally have the rights to the X-Men. The thought of, say, Wolverine rubbing shoulders with Iron Man has blown fans’ minds and spewed many an in-depth theory about how Avengers 4 could begin to integrate mutantkind into the MCU.

We’ve repeatedly told not to expect a crossover like this so soon, but you can’t stop folks from getting excited about what it would be like for the Avengers and the X-Men to team up. On that note, this epic concept trailer for Avengers 4 from YouTuber Billy Crammer imagines both sets of superhero groups joining forces to defeat Thanos, making use of footage from the many X-movies released over the past two decades.

See the electrifying results for yourself below:

As said above, though, don’t get your hopes up for a Logan cameo in Avengers 4. Or, alternatively, any Fantastic Four characters like Silver Surfer or Galactus to show up, either. The deal between Disney and Fox is set to wrap up pretty soon, but production on the event movie has already completed in time for next May and it’s currently in the editing stage.

The most recent, and probably final, word on this subject came from director Joe Russo, who revealed that he hasn’t even talked with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about the X-Men coming to the MCU yet, though he imagines that the characters will be slowly worked into the franchise. So, if Russo’s prediction is correct, don’t expect any major crossovers in the near future. Perhaps not even in Phase Four at all.

As for this trailer, it’s a great fan-made effort, but we’re still waiting for the real Avengers 4 preview to arrive. After several false starts, we’re pretty sure it’s coming sometime next week, but as always, watch this space for more.