Avengers 4 Trailer Now Rumored For Monday


Though the internet seemed so sure that we’d at least receive news of an Avengers 4 trailer release date by the end of this past Wednesday, the 28th came and went, leaving only disappointment in its wake. Since then, fans have been desperately pinning their hopes onto each new day, clinging to the slight possibility that this month won’t end without seeing some footage for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. But while the chances are now slim-to-zero that Marvel Studios will be dropping the teaser before the month is out, there’s reason to believe that the grand reveal is just around the corner.

Journalist Anthony Quintano has taken to Twitter with the following piece of optimistic intel:

“Get ready for an Avengers 4 title and trailer release Monday, December 3rd!”

Of course, we’ll believe it when we see it, and given the ongoing let-down that is this current, trailer-free week, fans can hardly be blamed for feeling weary about any fresh predictions. In any case, Quintano is only a few days away from being proven wrong or right, so let’s just wait and see how this plays out.

In the meantime, MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad has posted a piece that slots up pretty nicely with Quintano’s tweet, in which the frequent leaker reaffirms the not-so-surprising news that the Avengers 4 teaser will not be dropping today. Conrad goes on to stress that trailers tend not be released over the weekend, though their release dates are sometimes announced on the preceding Sundays. The author concludes his piece with the assurance that we “really don’t have long to wait at this point.”

Again, feel free to stay skeptical, but we’ll find out if the hype is real in the coming days, with next week rumored to be bringing a whole lot more Marvel news than a simple Avengers 4 teaser.