Marvel Fans Are Freaking Out After Another Day With No Avengers 4 Trailer


Oh Marvel Studios, look what you’re doing to the people who love you most. Just a couple of weeks ago, the internet seemed so confident that the all-important first trailer for Avengers 4 would be dropping before the end of the month, and as December 1st looms ever-closer, many fans have been clinging to the notion that November 28th would be the day where the long-awaited footage would finally surface.

Sadly, with each passing hour, this notion is looking less and less likely, and as the truth dawns on the MCU’s millions of fans, social media is seeing more messages than ever from Marvel enthusiasts after another day of disappointment. Feast your eyes below for just a few samples of the internet’s collective frustration:

While November 28th was just one of several dates suggested by the fans for when the trailer could finally see the light of day, it certainly seemed like one of the better guesses we’ve heard. For one thing, the first teaser for Avengers: Infinity War also arrived on the final Wednesday of November in 2017.

What’s more, with co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo hosting an Infinity War screening and Q&A this evening, the common theory was that the event was intended to coincide with the unveiling of the first set of footage. At the time of writing, the possibility remains that the Russo Brothers will be using their screening as an opportunity to announce the real trailer date, but should today conclude without any such news, you can probably rule out the rest of November, too.

And so the speculation continues, but regardless of what does or doesn’t come our way in the near future, Avengers 4 still sits at the end of all this hype, looking ready to provide some actual answers when it arrives in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.