Sources Say Avengers 4 Trailer Likely To Arrive In Two Weeks


Most major feature films aren’t the subject of as much rumor, speculation, and fan excitement as the first trailer for Avengers 4, but according to recent predictions, all this teaser-oriented hype could be coming to a climax in as little as two weeks.

The prediction comes in the wake of the first preview for Toy Story 4 dropping earlier today, with some fans wondering whether this latest event in Disney’s trailer release calendar might suggest that we won’t be getting the first batch of footage from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel until next month. MCU Cosmic leaker Jeremy Conrad, however, claims that this isn’t the case, arguing that the promo seems on course to launch in a fortnight from now:

“It will be online before it’s in theaters. Just like the Toy Story trailer. Maybe two weeks away, after Ralph is out.”

With the new Toy Story teaser expected to play before Ralph Breaks the Internet, trailer insider Anton Volkov comes to the same conclusion that November 26th seems like a plausible date for the Avengers 4 footage to drop on, arguing his point in a tweet:

“Reminded me that RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET is out next week. Bearing that in mind and how they dropped TS4 today…Disney won’t want to dilute the buildup to Ralph’s US opening weekend – even if these are arguably different audiences. In other words: two weeks people.”

As of now, it’s looking probable that the film’s official title will be unveiled at the same time as the trailer, which means that Marvel Studios might manage to put two heavily crowded fields of speculation out of action simultaneously. While the content of the teaser still feels very open in the eyes of the fans – as much as those various “leaked” descriptions have tried to sway expectations – the internet has pretty much settled on “Avengers: Annihilation” as its favorite prediction for the name.

But regardless of when these two big reveals finally drop, one date that we can stay pretty sure of for the time being is the release of Avengers 4 on May 3rd, 2019.