Avengers 4 Trailer Will Reportedly Debut During Football Game At End Of Month


Well, we’re now a few days into November and you know what that means? Yes, the first Avengers 4 trailer – and most likely, its title, toowill be here within the next few weeks. Obviously, that’s hugely exciting and fans simply cannot wait to finally lay eyes on the sequel, but when, exactly, can we expect that first preview to be with us?

That’s the big question, and though Kevin Feige and co. haven’t revealed an exact date when it’ll premiere just yet, MCU Cosmic is back with another scoop. The site’s editor in chief, Jeremy Conrad, has been pretty reliable as of late, giving us a ton of great intel and on a recent episode of his podcast, he narrowed down the Avengers 4 trailer premiere date a bit more.

According to some of his sources, it’s very likely that it’ll debut during a football game on television. Given that the Thanksgiving day game on November 22nd isn’t on a Disney network, Conrad has ruled that out and instead points to Monday Night Football on the 26th or, maybe even the game on December 2nd.

All that being said, though, he’s quick to point out that this isn’t confirmed and the studio may instead choose to go with a Good Morning America premiere, which he predicts would be on a Tuesday or Thursday episode of the show near the end of the month.

Of course, the other major reveal that will be here soon is the long-awaited title of next year’s flick. The most persistent of the rumored candidates is Avengers: Annihilation, and that’s something which Conrad backs up again as well. He was the one to first report that title, if you’ll recall, and on his podcast, he claims he’s spoken to several more sources who are all corroborating his intel.

The takeaway here? It’s going to be a long month of false rumors, twisted reports and lots of guessing and speculating, but rest assured, by the end of November, we’ll finally have the very first trailer and the title for Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers 4, and how exciting is that?