First Avengers 4 Trailer Likely To Debut On Wednesday


While The Lion King trailer clocked up a massive 224.6 million views in its first 24 hours, there’s still another Disney release looming in the wings that will almost certainly eclipse it and everything else for that matter (at least until Star Wars: Episode IX‘s trailer drops). I’m talking, of course, about Avengers 4, and industry insiders seem all but certain that its first trailer is going to release this Wednesday.

But before that, we can apparently expect another huge Disney trailer. Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic recently tweeted:

“I never said the [Avengers 4] trailer was coming on Monday or Tuesday. In fact, there’s another trailer coming this Tuesday, which is why they wouldn’t release A4 then.”

Apparently, that will be our first look at Frozen 2, which will be yet another Disney behemoth of a movie (and will certainly garner some column inches if advance reports of the film’s plot bear out). Leaving all that aside for the moment though, let’s talk Avengers 4. 

We’ve been promised the trailer before the end of the year, so we know we’re getting it sometime between now and the 31st of December. And at the moment, this Wednesday, November 28th, looks overwhelming likely for two reasons. First of all, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released on Wednesday, November 29th last year, which might indicate the week that Marvel Studios prefers.

Secondly, Collider is hosting a special screening of Infinity War in Hollywood with the Russo Brothers in attendance on Wednesday the 28th. Given that I can’t see any other reason why they’d choose this day for a special screening of the film, I think it’s a solid bet that it’ll tie in somehow with the trailer launch.

According to ticket information for the screening, the film starts at 6:30 pm PST and advises attendees to “stick around after for a very special Q&A with directors Anthony and Joe Russo.” Infinity War is two hours and forty minutes, so the Q&A should start between 9 and 9:30 pm PST. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s when the trailer will premiere.

As Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov explains on Twitter:

“Yes, Collider is doing an INFINITY WAR screening in LA with the Russos doing an extended Q&A after. Collider organise these screenings all the time – most often it’s advance screenings of films, sometimes (like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT most recently) it was for the Blu[-ray] release. So, they always tie into something. So if you’re thinking: does the screening have anything to do with the AVENGERS 4 trailer? Most probably, yes. Will they debut the trailer though? Most likely, no.

That’s important as it seems so many who applied did so in hopes of the trailer. Most likely scenario is – debuts online sometime before the screening and the Russos use the Q&A to properly discuss A4 for the first time in an interview setting. If it doesn’t? At most they might say the title and hint or reveal the online launch date.”

Whatever the case, it seems all but guaranteed at this point that we’ll get our first look at Avengers 4 this week, and in all likelihood, it’ll probably be sometime on Wednesday.