Sources Say No Avengers 4 Trailer On Friday, Will Arrive Next Week


We’ve been poring over every scrap of concept art, blurry set pictures and leaked toy designs, but despite the many theories, we still don’t really know what Avengers 4 is going to be like (or even what it’s called). That’s set to change real soon though, as Kevin Feige has promised that the first preview will definitely drop at some point before the end of the year – but when?

Yesterday, the social media rumor mill kicked into overdrive with claims that the much anticipated trailer will be landing this Friday, the 23rd of November. But as nice as that would be, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Jeremy Conrad over at MCU Cosmic, who’s usually quite reliable, claims to have seen confirmation that the trailer definitely won’t be out then. The silver lining of this, however, is that it’s looking likely that we’ll see it sometime before the end of November.

This is based on a couple of things going down next week. First of all, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released on Wednesday, November 29th last year – which might indicate the week that Marvel Studios prefers. Secondly, Collider are hosting a special screening of Infinity War in Hollywood with the Russo Brothers in attendance on Wednesday the 28th. Given that I can’t see any other reason why they’d choose this day for a special screening of the film, I think it’s a decent bet that they’ll use the opportunity to launch the Avengers 4 trailer in style to 800 competition winners.

This is sure to light up the internet and set a million tongues wagging about what it contains (at the very least, we’ll finally get confirmation of the title), so be sure to check back here to see it the moment it’s uploaded, together with some detailed analysis about what’s new in Avengers 4, what matches with predictions and what twists might be coming in what’s sure to be one of the biggest films (perhaps the biggest film) of 2019.