Avengers 4 Trailer Rumored To Debut This Friday


We’re almost there, guys! For a while now, it’s been rumored that the long-awaited first trailer for Avengers 4 would be arriving later this month, and today, some new chatter has sprung up which suggests that it’s going to be here in just a few days. Specifically, November 23rd aka this Friday.

The date comes from not one but two folks who’ve often proved to have a good track record in the past. First, SuperBroMovies’ Daniel R reported that “a very reliable source” has informed him that it’s looking like the trailer will land this Friday, though he did stress that the intel’s “unconfirmed” at present.

What’s more, MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad also spoke up on the matter. “There are whispers of the number 23 being spread around,” he told his Twitter followers. Like Daniel, though, he maintained that these “whispers” are completely unconfirmed at this time.

If you think we should just ignore these claims, Conrad made the good point that dropping the trailer on Black Friday would make sense for Marvel. It’s even been tested by Disney before, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens unleashing its similarly much-anticipated first preview on Black Friday back in 2014.

That said, these are just whispers for now and maybe we shouldn’t get too excited. After all, many other reports have pointed to the trailer landing next Wednesday, November 28th. This date would also match up with Avengers: Infinity Warwhose own first trailer debuted on November 29th. Still, it’s possible that Marvel’s plans have changed recently and they decided it’d be more beneficial to bring its release forward.

As well as giving us our first glimpse at the action, the trailer is also expected to at last reveal the actual title of Avengers 4. All signs are pointing at that being Avengers: Annihilation, but at this stage, there’s really no telling what surprises Marvel may have in store for us. As always though, be sure to stay tuned and watch this space for more.

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