Marvel Has Changed The Avengers 4 Title Three Times In The Last Year


Marvel Studios has famously gone to some excessive lengths to minimize leaked intel for the upcoming Avengers 4, from fake scripts to no scripts, so the idea that next year’s Avengers: Infinity War sequel would also let a few fake titles make the rounds surely doesn’t sound like much of a stretch.

In fact, according to MCU Cosmic leaker Jeremy Conrad, the name of the Russo Brothers’ next film has already been changed more than once in the last year, in which case, you can imagine that this is more a scenario of the studio trying to throw fans off their scent than simple indecisiveness. And while Conrad has repeatedly stood by his previous report that the title is set to be Avengers: Annihilation, he does also acknowledge the possibility that Marvel may change its mind one more time before the official unveiling:

“It was posted as a rumor. For a title that changed three times over the last year, it’s always possible it changed a fourth time. But I don’t think it did.”

One suggested title that was making the rounds earlier this year was Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet, though Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige himself quickly shut down this rumor when he outright denied it. Since then, Avengers: End Game went through a brief phase of popularity, but was ultimately dismissed in light of director Joe Russo’s previous statement that the film’s subtitle wouldn’t come from a line of Infinity War dialogue.

Bearing in mind these old comments, it certainly sounds like Infinity Gauntlet and End Game were never really in the realm of possibility, suggesting that either these reports were the result of bad intel, or Marvel Studios always intended for these titles to be provisionally used until the real one was officially unveiled. But whatever we end up calling Avengers 4, you can catch the film in theaters from May 3rd, 2019.