Avengers 4 Director Says We May Not Get A Trailer This Year


We’re now over a week into November and you know what that means? Yes, the first Avengers 4 trailer – and most likely, its title, tooshould be on the internet pretty soon. Or at least, that’s what we thought. Numerous reports have pointed to November being the month that Marvel finally gives us what we’ve been asking for for far too long now, but co-director Joe Russo has just struck fear into the hearts of millions of fans thanks to a Q&A he held earlier today.

The filmmaker hosted the Q&A for his new bar Duello and, of course, took the time during it to answer some Avengers 4 questions. When he was asked about the trailer in particular, Joe said that we “may or may not see it” this year. Now, that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting a trailer at all, just that Marvel may hold off until 2019 to debut it.

Of course, the director could be playing with us here, trying to throw us off the scent so the studio can keep the surprise under wraps, but if we take him at his word, it seems like we may be waiting longer than we thought to lay eyes on Avengers 4. Although, it’s not like Marvel even really needs to release a trailer when it comes to this film, and many have even speculated that they may actually forgo one entirely.

Obviously, that’s highly unlikely, but don’t be too shocked if nothing ends up materializing this month. In fact, fans are now beginning to think we might get the title reveal instead in November, with the trailer being saved for the new year. And while that wouldn’t be the worst scenario in the world, it’d really be nice to get at least a glimpse of what’s in store for us before 2019 hits.

Regardless, all we can do right now is simply wait it out and hope that Marvel’s feeling generous. If you ask us, we still believe that they’ll give us a trailer, despite what Joe Russo has said, but until we know for sure, it might be best not to get your hopes up for a look at Avengers 4 this month.