An Infinity War LEGO Set May Reveal Hints About Avengers 4’s Ending


LEGO. When you’re not treading on it in the middle of the night, or missing meals so you can one day afford to buy that Millennium Falcon, it’s busy ruining your favorite movies. Well, what could eventually be your favorite movie: we’re talking Avengers 4.

During the run up to the release of Infinity War, there were spoilers aplenty to be found by simply scouring the stores for LEGO toys. For instance, after Thor lost his mighty hammer Mjolnir, courtesy of his sister Hela in Ragnarok, comic book fans were wondering which weapon he’d wield in the battle against Thanos. Luckily, a quick nip around Toys “R” Us (in happier times) revealed an action figure set that saw Thor with an axe to grind. Namely, Stormbreaker.

The Infinity War toys also gave away Bruce Banner piloting the Hulkbuster and the final battle taking place in Black Panther’s home of Wakanda. Interestingly though, there was one playset that bore no resemblance to the events seen in the film, and it might give away how the Mad Titan eventually goes down in Avengers 4.

Tellingly entitled Thanos: The Last Battle, the set itself contains an M-Ship as piloted by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos and an Iron Man figure featuring all those mod cons. Most intriguing, though, is that the set also suggests that both Star-Lord and Gamora are involved in the final battle. Not only that, but Thanos is seen here wearing a new suit of armor and with a sword. That’s certainly not how he appeared in Infinity War but it IS how he looked in that leaked concept art for the film’s sequel – which we’ve also included below.

Of course, Star-Lord showing up here may not be a complete surprise. Although he drifted off into Marvel dust along with Groot and Drax, it’s long been theorized that the Gauntlet’s Time Stone will be used to bring back the heroes who fell to the Snap. Gamora’s inclusion is intriguing, though. Having been sacrificed by her faux father Thanos, her death afforded him the Soul Stone which eventually led to said Snap. Of all the deaths in the film, hers seemed the most final.

Whether or not the events in the LEGO set will occur in Avengers 4 remains to be seen. It could be a major spoiler, or maybe they just had a bunch of bricks left over? Either way, we’ll find out in May.

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