Is Avengers 4 Looking For Extras To Play The Yakuza?


With filming for Avengers: Infinity War coming to an end soon, work is already starting on its as yet untitled sequel, which is currently being referred to as Avengers 4Marvel Studios will have their work cut out for them on the massive production, as the movie basically serves as the finale to the entire first three phases of the MCU – which will be 22 entries strong by the time it releases.

With Thanos and his all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet being the main villain, Avengers 4 is expected to be a grand, cosmic adventure. Some new info, though, suggests that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be encountering a much more down to earth threat at some point in the film as well.

As revealed by Omega Underground, a new casting call for extras is asking for men to play Japanese gangsters in addition to both men and women to play some Japanese cafe patrons. This suggests that at least a few scenes will be set in Japan, perhaps with members of the public being caught in an incident with the Yakuza, causing our heroes to intervene.

Marvel fans will note the importance of including the Yakuza here, as the Japanese crime syndicate has a major presence in Netflix series Daredevilwherein they’re tied into the evil ninja clan The Hand. It’s tempting, then, to imagine that this marks the first steps towards introducing the Netflix part of the MCU into the movies’ world. That being said, we probably shouldn’t get too carried away with this idea, as we’ve been told many times before that a crossover is unlikely – though still possible.

Avengers 4 begins filming on July 17th in Atlanta and will continue on until December 13th before the movie arrives in cinemas on May 3rd, 2019.