The Russo Brothers Debunk Rumors Of Marvel Shooting Fake Scenes For Avengers 4


Joe and Anthony Russo are currently walking on eggshells.

With little over three months to go until the launch of Avengers: Infinity War – undoubtedly the biggest film of their collective careers, not to mention the most historic superhero movie of modern times – the filmmaking duo have been fielding all sorts of questions about their Marvel epic, which will spill over into a fourth Avengers movie come 2019.

Details on that star-studded sequel are being kept firmly under lock and key, but earlier this week, the Internet was sent into a tizzy regarding some Marvel-related set photos – specifically, those images featuring Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill). Presumably taken on Captain Marvel, the pictures in question caused some confusion online in that some fans believed Marvel had actually filmed a fake scene to intentionally throw people off the scent.

And though they can’t speak to Captain Marvel, per se, the Infinity War directors quickly debunked the allegations on a recent episode of Happy Sad Confused, stating:

We’re too tired to shoot anything that’s not going in the movie. Our relationship with Marvel has been one of the strongest creative relationships we’ve had in our careers. We’re really proud of the movies we’ve been able to make with them and we’ve had an amazing time doing it. We haven’t talked about doing anything beyond these two movies simply because we still have a mountain to climb with these two films.”

In closing, Anthony Russo pointed to the MCU and its intricate, interconnected narrative, which is strung together with such care and craft that every film feels inexplicably connected, yet vastly different.

Even though they’re building an interconnected narrative through many, many films over many years, they have a very disciplined one movie at a time attitude, as well. We would certainly be open to working with them.

Avengers: Infinity War is booked in for May 4th – just don’t expect it to herald the moment when Marvel announces its top-secret title for Avengers 4.