Avengers 4 Fan Art Reimagines A Classic Scene With New Costumes


Though we don’t know all that much about Avengers 4 at present, it does seem likely that the conclusion to Phase Three of the MCU will bring the franchise full circle. At the end of Infinity War, due to Thanos’ Snap, pretty much the only heroes left alive were the original six founding members of the superhero group. That’s Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye, for those with short memories.

We wonder, then, if we’ll get a scene which reunites these heroes in the midst of battle, calling back to the first time they did this in 2012’s The Avengers. But what would such a sequence look like? Well, an awesome new piece of fan art has got us covered on that front.

Coming to us from Instagram user @spdrmnkyxxiii, the artwork below recreates the iconic scene from The Avengers’ third act when the six heroes stand in a circle as they face off against the Chitauri invasion. In place of the fresh-faced versions of the characters from that film, though, we get the gang as they look today – or, in Clint Barton’s case, what he might look like in Avengers 4.

This artwork reminds us just how much these protectors of the Earth have changed since they first assembled. Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff have both undergone hairstyle changes due to going on the run after becoming fugitives at the end of Captain America: Civil War, while Thor lost his golden looks during his odyssey in Ragnarok. Tony Stark, meanwhile, has had many upgraded Iron Man suits since 2012, and this is just the latest. The CGI used on Hulk has also been altered significantly since Mark Ruffalo’s first appearance as the character.

As for Hawkeye, well, his new look is slightly more difficult to explain. Though we didn’t see him in Infinity War, we know that Barton survived The Snap, as set photos have revealed that he’s alive in Avengers 4 and is set to rock a new mohawk haircut. These same shots have also let us glimpse his new black outfit with gold lining, which suggests Hawkeye will become Ronin, one of his other aliases in the comics, when we see him next, which will be on May 3rd.

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