New Avengers 4 Theory Explains How Vision Might Return


Vision was one of those wiped out by Thanos in his genocidal purge of half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War. However, the heroic android stands a better chance of being resurrected, as he wasn’t wiped out by the Snap but rather, was killed when the Mad Titan ripped the Mind Stone from his forehead. Well, the second time around, that is. The first time he was killed by his girlfriend Scarlet Witch before Thanos rewound the death and did it himself. Basically, Vis was having a really bad day.

Regardless, it’s no secret that most – if not all – of the heroes who died in Infinity War will be resurrected in Avengers 4. So, how might Vision return to life next year? Well, Reddit user Hersonje has suggested that the key to a second chance for Vis lies in Shuri’s work on removing the Infinity Stone from him earlier in the movie. Though she didn’t get to finish the job due to the invasion of the Outriders, the scans done on Vision’s brain may be enough to save his artificial consciousness.

“In Infinity War Shuri found a way to remove the mind stone from Vision’s forehead without killing him. Shuri found a way to let vision ‘live’ without the use of the mind stone, however Shuri said that Vision would not be the same and that only a piece of Vision would remain.

At the time when Shuri thought of a way to remove the mind stone without killing Vision she was under heavy pressure. With more time Shuri likely could have come up with a way to remove the mind stone with little effect on Vision’s personality and memory. She would use Wakandan technology to help her achieve this.”

But if Shuri’s scans can only recreate a part of Vision, then what about the rest? Well, here’s where things get a little speculative, as the theorist goes on to suggest that the original J.A.R.V.I.S. coding will be used to patch up Vision, much like Tony’s faithful old AI fed into the android’s creation in the first place.

“Assuming that Wakanda also has highly advanced coding technology that is more advanced than what Stark used to code JARVIS. Shuri may be able to heavily alter JARVIS’s code using her advanced coding technology to make him more human. Stark and Shuri can then reload JARVIS to a new synthetic body or a robot body, Stark and Shuri will then have to stop the upload at the exact same time Thor stopped the upload in Age Of Ultron.”

Given that this sounds like it’s creating almost a new personality for Vision made out of various sources, will he still be the same? The theorist puts forward the tragic outcome that perhaps he won’t remember or love Wanda anymore, though maybe some jiggery-pokery from Stark and Shuri could fix that.

“This begs the question, how will Vision remember what happened in Infinity War, Age Of Ultron and how will he remember about his love for Scarlet Witch? Tony can give him an idea of what happened during Infinity War and Age Of Ultron by Tony uploading his recollection of the events. Stark and Shuri can programme Vision’s relationship with the other Avengers to be similar to what they actually were and they can programme Vision to love Scarlet Witch once again.”

This turn of events is certainly a possibility. After all, Shuri’s work on Vision’s head seemed to take up too much space in Infinity War for it not to pay off later down the line, but there is a simpler option to explain Vision’s – and everyone else’s – return in Avengers 4.

Of course, that would be the remaining heroes changing history with their time travel and the events of the previous movie being wiped from continuity. Some might call it a cop-out, but it’d probably be the neatest way of reversing the deaths and sidestepping any long-lasting repercussions of the Infinity Gauntlet saga, don’t you think?

Source: Reddit